I have installed computers several times before, but NEWER as easy and simple as with the unattend-files!

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Highly recommended! Clear instructions, easy to follow. Managed to factory-reset my newly purchased used computer even though I never owned a computer before. In these six months I haven't had a single problem.

So simple and easy! You just have to give it a try!

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WinGuider LEARN everyone, even pure beginners, how to install WINDOWS 10 correctly &safely!

All content on the website and in the guides etc. is protected by copyright laws. WinGuider is an abbreviation of: Windows Guides

The first step in the correct installation basics takes care of itself during the installation introduction (even for private individuals) BUT will be best if you delete all the hard drive's previous partitions so that Windows can create new correct partitions.

It is step number 2 that is the biggest obstacle for almost all individuals. This is because Microsoft created an installation process that forces users to always sign in with their Microsoft account instead of creating a separate, dedicated Administrator account.

When individuals sign in with their Microsoft account at this stage, their Microsoft account is created as an ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT.. (It's the 1st account created during installation) And as all professionals know, you should never use your computer's administrator account as your everyday account. This is because all programs, files, scripts, etc. you start (run or execute) always run with the logged in user's permissions (=right to access certain files and resources) and rights (=settings associated with resources, not user accounts).. and this unfortunately also applies to all harmful things you come across when using your computer..

And the last thing you want is that anything unwanted, such as viruses, trojans, spyware, banking trojans, etc. can get full control of one's computer... Which they unfortunately get when they inherit logged in used rights and permissions..

Are you then logged on with an Administrator account when you are infected by scalding code, then the malware also runs with YOUR ADMINISTRATOR PERMISSIONS AND YOUR RIGHTS ... and may cause GREAT damage to your computer, and can even damage ALL USERS' files, even if they are not logged on.

If, as BEST PRACTICE indicates, you have instead had the separate Admin account and logged in with a default account yourself, the malware cannot inherit any higher permissions or rights, after which the malware becomes virtually ineffective. Instead of being able to damage EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE COMPUTER, the infection in this case can only damage the logged in user's settings, files, etc.

The advantage is that you can then easily log yourself out as a user & restart your computer (the infection shuts down and is not allowed to start up again) and you can then log in with the separate, dedicated Admin account and either clean up the infection manually or install and run cleanup works such as Hitman Pro etc. which can then very easily fix the malware-infection, so that it is fixed once you log in to your regular user account next time. (You can´t do this in a PC installed “the Microsoft way”)

Just this, that even MALICIOUS things are always executed with the permissions and rights of the logged-in user, is the single biggest reason that BEST PRACTICES FOR ALL SYSTEMS FOR ALL TYPES OF COMPUTERS ARE PRECISELY THAT NO USER SHOULD EVERYDAY USE (LOGIN WITH) AN ACCOUNT THAT HAS EXCESSIVELY HIGH PERMISSIONS OR RIGHTS..

That's why Linux always gives a user a standard user account, and allows the SU/SUDO function to handle any administrative tasks (such as installing a new application, etc.) All without the user having to sign in and out between different accounts.. Windows uses the UAC function for this, in exactly the same way.

And THIS is precisely the single biggest reason why, for example, linux is considered to have much higher security than Windows has.. In linux, all users have, practically always, a standard user account, while in Windows, mainly among non-Windows technologies, you always have as (un)habit to always log in with your computer's Administrator account.. Something Microsoft promotes as they prevent individuals from doing the right thing!

This particular (un)habit means that all the malware-infections that Windows has ever suffered, has been able to perform its harmful things unhindered.. and this has created the rumor that Windows itself is unsafe, and that Windows has less security than, for example, linux or Mac.. when Windows in practice is AT LEAST AS Secure, IF you only use Windows correctly!

It is misuse that has caused the greatest uncertainty, as ignorant users have invited all the infection and hackers on the administrative permissions and rights of the computer..

And it is precisely this, the disadvantages of always logging in as admin, which WinGuider has tried to inform individuals about.. since 2003...

But not only does WinGuider try to inform you that it's WRONG to always use computers with its Administrator accounts, WinGuider also gives DIRECT HELP to all individuals so they can install Windows correctly instead.

When you use a properly installed Windows, you not only minimize the damage to all infectious agents, but you also reduce your need for PC SUPPORT!

This is because any computer user is less likely to change something that then turns out to cause a defect or create an error.

So this alone means that you do not have to spend time on a lot of problem solving, while you do not have to waste time on "cleaning viruses" either..

You don't have to turn to expensive Pc-repair shops that only fix your immediate issues, or to reinstall your computer in a non professional way.. (they'd love for you to come back when you're in trouble again, and again, and again.. That's what they make their livelihood on)

WinGuider, on the other hand, would rather that you fix the CAUSES OF your problems ONCE AND FOR ALL, by installing your computer correctly!

The installation instruction (= hereinafter referred to as a guide) that WinGuider provides you with originates from the installations that the founder created for the companies I have worked for since the late 1990s.. But since you do not have a server park in your closet at home, the 3in1-guides comes with a small number of HELP FILES (including an AUTOUNATTEND FILE that I mentioned in the introduction). These HELP-FILES are UNIQUE TO ANYONE WHO PROVIDES SUPPORT AND DATA SUPPORT TO INDIVIDUALS.. What these HELP FILES do is replace everything that corporate servers do during the installation of computers...

The HELP files make sure that you do not have to manually enter a huge number of settings and activate different functions, the files do all this for you AUTOMATICALLY, so that every time you install a computer, new or older, all installations always go in the same manner, all management of user accounts and all customization of network settings, etc. that is normally required to customize your computer for use in your home (Windows is CREATED For business environment , so some customizations should be made, this is what WinGuider's HELP-FILES does for you)


Many Professionals buy WinGuider's installation guides only so that they do not have to create their own automation of their private computer installations, they adjust the contents of the attached HELP FILES so they specify e.g. computer names, add their own user accounts, etc. they can add files for automatic installation of software (such as Office or anti-virus software, etc.) so their installation of computers ALWAYS runs quickly and smoothly... and just as important is that ALL computers are IDENTICALLY INSTALLED so all computers work equally well.. And of course they enjoy the enhanced security they get through a WinGuider-installation.. They get great computers without spending unnecessarily much time!

And this is what WinGuider does for  YOU, but you'll have to install your office and your antivirus-software yourself.

If several members of the family are to be able to use the computer, you create (using instructions in the 3in1 guide) a user account for each of the potential users. Perfect if, for example, someone suffers from hardware failure, etc.

Thanks to the tips on how to enable the correct file sharing available on winguiders website, you can easily make sure that you do not have to run around with USB sticks, send files via eport or online services.. You share the files through your computer's built-in "SHARED FOLDERS" (did you even know that these folders existed?) Everything quick easy and safe! (No one sees or can access your private files, other computers, and users can only access each computer's SHARED FOLDERS, where you must manually copy the files you choose to SHARE with you..)



After all, Windows is the world's most common operating system for PC´s, whether it's corporate computers or personal computers..

Companies usually have a decent IT department that buys and installs the company's computers, and thanks to the fact that the IT department usually consists of trained technicians, companies' computers are often installed correctly.. Much thanks to companies taking the help of pro tools to automate the installation of computers.

Something all companies use is, among other things, AUTO-UNATTENDED INSTALL (Automated unsupervised installation) This is a feature that will become increasingly important even for individuals… Especially now that Microsoft is starting to mess up and is going to remove all possibilities to create a proper installation of windows 10 in precisely  the Windows versions that private people buy. A proper AutoUnAttend will circumvents Microsoft's shortcomings and also allows individuals to get a properly installed computer, fast!

A proper installation has a couple of basics:
1: The computer should have the file system: NFTS with proper partitioning (1 boot partition, 1 System partition, etc..)
2: During the final phase of installation, an account should be created, that becomes the computer's dedicated Administrator account
(this is what Microsoft fatally fails to do, and makes private computers unsafe!)
3: For each individual user, a user accounts shall be created.. Everyone should, for reasons such as confidentiality and privacy, have their own, private, account, so that everyone can store e.g. Passwords, files, etc. without the transparency from others!

Companies usually have trained and experienced staff to take care of these basics, something that INDIVIDUALS usually lack..
Thus, it is more a rule than an exception that private computers usually fails miserably when it comes to basic security.. This is reflected in the number of computers affected by severe computer-malwares, errors etc.

This,what WinGuider tries to do, is to create a very good security basis, is actually not so difficult or complicated, there is no need for super duper security software that in some magical way will "secure" your computer..

All that is needed is to install your computer in the way it is supposed to be installed, thus preventing attackers, malware, etc. from taking over your Administrative Rights!
A properly installed computer REFUSES to give attackers the right to cause harm, and makes it much more difficult for attackers to exploit possible vulnerabilities, etc.

A PROPERLY INSTALLED COMPUTER PROTECTS YOU AND YOUR DATA BETTER THAN EVEN THE BEST ANTIVIRUS PROGRAMS CAN ON A COMPUTER WHERE THE USER ALWAYS LOGS ON AS AN ADMINISTRATOR.. (Microsoft is, nowadays, preventing you  from installing your own computer correctly, as they have removed all possibilities to create a separate local Administrator account during the installation.
Instead, Microsoft is trying to force all private people to ALWAYS sign in with their computer's Administrator account, even though this destroys the computer's built-in barriers to serious attacks!)

WinGuider wants to become the private-persons "IT Department" that helps break this negative security trend! Among other things, by showing you how you can circumvent Microsoft's biggest flaws!

© 2003 -2021, Thomas Ekström, WinGuider.se, KS3,74635 BÅLSTA SWEDEN. All rights reserved! NOTE! This site is still under construction!

All content on the website and in the guides etc. is protected by copyright law. WinGuider is an abbreviation of: Windows Guides

It is noticeable that interest in WinGuider's installation guides has increased as Microsoft actively tries to prevent individuals from being able to install their own computers correctly anymore! (WinGuider does not yet advertise this web page internationally)

Among other things, Microsoft hides and blocks all the correct options that individuals should be allowed to choose during final phase of  the installation.. All this because Microsoft want to force every individual to always use a Microsoft account to sign in to the computer.. and they do this just on the versions of Windows 10 that most people choose for their private computer.. (Home and Pro)

WinGuider's installation guides SHOWS you how you can circumvent Microsoft's nonsense… Thus allowing YOU to install YOUR OWN COMPUTER in the RIGHT WAY!

If you install your windows 10 computer via your USB stick, not only does WinGuider's 3in1 guide teach you how to download Windows 10 correctly to your USB stick AND download the correct basic drivers to a dedicated folder on the USB stick, so you get both graphics and internet up and running without hassle.. This installation takes the help of WinGuider's AUTOUNATTEND files that AUTOMATICALLY ERASE ALL PARTITIONS from the hard disk, create new ones and install Windows correctly to it. It also creates your computer's Administrator account (called PCAdmin) with an internal password and not only that! The AutoUnattend file also creates a correct user account for you, so it is there right from the start.. You simply cannot do wrong, everything is always quite right!

And, as if that wasn't enough, the AutoUnattend file also adapts network settings and the firewall for you, so these work in your home (you are supposed to have internet via a modem or via a so-called. "Router") and ALL THIS through the help-files WITHOUT you having to lift a finger, COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC!

What the guides allows you to choose is personalizations, such as the privacy settings you can set for both the computer itself and the Admin account.

However, since WinGuider's guides are directed to private individuals, we specify RECOMMENDED settings for these privacy settings, your computer should have FULL FUNCTIONALITY but not give away private information to either Microsoft or any of the companies whose advertising you constantly see on the internet, etc. (Jepp! Privacy settings also affect what 3parties can collect from your computer during normal browsing, a collection that WinGuider's recommended settings minimize)

When you log in with the PCAdmin account (the password is in the guide) so in the 3in1-guides automatically runs 2 help files, Files and Secure_Windows10.

- Files make sure that the guides's help files are copied to your hard drive, if you would like to make a new USB stick, etc. later on)

- Secure_Windows10 do as the name says, it adjusts different security settings for Windows itself, adapts it  for the use of a PRIVATE computer! As well as customizing the administrator account for private use.

If you start the installation from the USB stick, all this will be done automatically without you having to lift a finger..

If you install via any of the other 2 3in1 guides, when you "factory reset" a previously used computer or if you start up a newly purchased brand new computer for the first time, then you will run these two files manually (it only takes SECONDS per file, to do all these things by hand will take an hour or more) and you get the same result EVERY TIME!

The guides will guide you through sensible steps, such as allowing you to run Windows update so that new updates are installed, quickly and easily to your computer. While Windows update downloads and installs the updates, you get to install antivirus-software, you get to enable SYSTEM PROTECTION so if, for example, a software installation goes wrong, you can quickly restore the computer to the state it had before installation.

If you want, it is recommended to install the necessary programs such as the software for your printer, your mobiles, cameras, etc. so all of these work right from the start..

When windows update has finished, you'll get to to sign in to your own user account for the first time, with an initial password that then disappears when you connect your user account to your Microsoft account...

The only thing you do when you log in with your own user account is to run one last help file: SecureUser

SecureUser customizes each user's account so everything you do works flawlessly, but with right security than normal, so you dare to use your computer freely without worrying unnecessarily. Your computer and user account will be as secure as it should be, but within reasonable limits.. Your computer should have FULL FUNCTIONALITY even though the computer is extra protected against both threats and clandestos.

Anything you want to do, you should be able to do and dare to do.

And if you want to install a new program (such as VLC media player from videolan.org), download the file to, for example, your computer's folder "SHARED Downloads",

When you double-click the file, UAC pops up as usual and asks IF the program installation can run with the Administrator account's rights, whereby you enter the password to your PCAdmin account and the installation progresses as usual..

The fact that UAC is now asking for the password to your computer's PCAdmin account protects you extra much, above all this effectively prevents unauthorized persons (e.g. your friends, toddlers, etc.), who, for example, sit down at the keyboard when, for example, you turn on coffee or go to the toilet, can no longer install unwanted software, keyloggers, spyware or turn off your virus protection, etc. as these do not know the PCAdmin account password..
Much higher security, in the absolute easiest way! And this completely WITHOUT installing suspicious "security software"

Note! THAT EVERYONE WHO KNOWS THE PCAdmin account password IS ADMINISTRATORS ON THE COMPUTER EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NOT logged in with the computer's administrator account! The habit of always logging in with the Administrator account now belongs in the early PC Stone Age, when Windows was not as developed as it is today!

UAC ensures that all users ARE Administrators only they can enter the password to the Administrator account.. Your Windows 10 PC is as secure as Linux and Mac has always been considered to be, even though it's as easy to use as Windows has always been! Simply A Win-Win situation...

All this when you installed and use your Windows computer correctly.. Thanks to the help WinGuider offers!
You don't even have to wait (and bribe) your more computer-familiar friends to help you install your computer, you do it much better all by yourself then the clear guide helps you, one step at a time, to your computer is completely ready.. Already here you save both time and money...

That you will then need much less help with the computer, since you learned how to handle the computer better during installation, and that you can no longer commit the errors that usually lead to you being forced to hire your local data-firm for problem solving is another saving of both your money and your time! In these COVID-19 times it is also extra safe when you do everything yourself, without involving foreign people!

And best of all, if there is a catastrophic error, you have, through the help of the guide, made sure that your most important files are always backed up (uploaded) to ONEDRIVE so these files are always there even if your hard drive should break...

and if you want to sell your computer, or give it away then THERE IS the possibility of restoring your computer and cleaning out all your files and user accounts and letting the computer restart on a new bullet again! Quick, easy and painless, via one of the 3 included installation guides.
Everything to make computer life as easy as possible for you!

WinGuider gives you a Security that neither prevents nor interferes.

You get over 20 years of experience in one guide! A guide that is really 3 different guides in one, so you can always install or reinstall all the computers you have at home in the right way! Perfect if you have multiple computers at home! Or if your children have grown big enough to get their own computer.


/Thomas Ekström


Once you saved these files to the ROOT (beginning) of the USB-stick you've already downloaded Windows 10 to! When you boot your PC  with that USB stick, Windows 10 will AUTOMATICALLY BE INSTALLED IN A CORRECT WAY, Your harddrive will be ERASED and re-built, The firewall is activated, Network-settings are adapted for use with: Router/modem, 1 Administrators-account and 2 user-accounts are automatically created etc.
All this to make it simpler for you! YOU GET TO SELECT TO INSTALL WITH GPT OR MBR PARTITIONS! Read more HERE!
Perfect for everyone who installs NEW Windows 10 from USB-stick, You can NOT make any mistakes due to the automation!


NOW ONLY $11,5 Incl. VAT! (Approx: €9,51)

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3 quick and simplified "step by step"-guides, created specifically for pure beginners, will show you EVERY step, one step at a time, from preparations to everything you need to do during the installation of your computer.
One step at a time, you are safely guided in your own pace, all the way, until your computer is COMPLETELY READY! UNIQUE guides for all needs!
Note! With UNIQUE Help-files that automatically make all the difficult stuff for you! Fast, smooth and easy! Note!

Suitable FOR EVERYONE, FROM Pure Beginners & Upwards! No matter: old or new computer, fast gaming or simple computer!

Whether you are going for A new  install or a reinstall, or you bought a brand new computer that has Windows 10 from the factory!. The 3in1-guides are perfect if you have multiple computers at home, whether it's gaming computers, browsing-computers, computers for kids. All will benefit from a correctly installed Windows 10!

Note! You do not need to enlist the help of helpful friends, you DO NOT HAVE to pay expensive data firms..  Since you do it all by yourself, in these times with COVID-19, you really should not let other people fiddle with your computer.

                          NOW ONLY $29 Incl. VAT! (Approx. €25)

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